Upcoming Events


Ladies’ Bible Study

Our ladies bible study will be starting back up on Tuesday, August 29th at 7pm.  We will be doing the Propel Women Conversation Series “Passion”.  We would love for you to join us.  It will be held at 217 Redbud Drive, Fredericktown, MO.  You can register on our registration page!  All materials will be provided for you.


Jewelry Fundraiser

We are doing a two-fold benefit fundraiser. We are helping the folks in Haiti who are making this jewelry as a living so they can afford to feed their families and it is helping us by providing funds so we can feed those in need here in Farmington and the surrounding area. Some of the items have a tag with them showing who made the item and a little bit about them.

Please see our Facebook page hishandsfeetMO for more information.