Stary Night


This comes a week early but I want to share while things aren’t quite so hectic. ¬†Merry Christmas y’all! My mind is going back to that blessed day…Mary so young and no doubt scared. She must have been a young lady so full of faith. She had been carrying this God child so long and now the time had finally come to give birth. She and Joseph had traveled away from home so she was not near the comforts that one would desire. No room available at the inns of that time, instead they had to settle on a lowly stable. Not ideal at all nor sanitary, none the less it’s all they had. She gave birth that day and, as a mother, I know that her heart filled with joy at once when she looked upon that precious baby boy. I think her mind went back to the promise that Gabriel spoke to her….His name will be called Jesus. Yehoshua. God who is salvation. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. I can not imagine that she or Joseph even knew what these things meant but surely pondered them in their hearts. The shepherds came as instructed by the angels and spread the good news. Later, when Jesus was two or so, the wise men came worshipping and baring gifts…Gold a gift fit for a KING, frankincense a gift fit for a PRIEST, and myrrh a gift signifying that he would one day die. Oh the passion of God the Father….For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but will have life everlasting. Our sacrifice, our reconciliation to God. For all have sinned therefore we all are in need of a Savior. No more to be bound by sin….freedom. Jesus is everything we need. He is the only one that can fill that hole in our hearts. What will you do with Jesus today, this Christmas? What will you offer Him?