Are you the hamster on the wheel?


Do you ever feel that you are running but going nowhere fast?  OR have you been running for years but haven’t gotten “away” from anything?  Sometimes we are running from problems. Sometimes we are running on the wheel of life and get caught in the spin and can’t seem to get off.  Sometimes we are running from people.  Sometimes we are running from God.  Whenever we are running “away” though, we are really causing more harm than good to ourselves.

Elijah, in I Kings 19, ran.  This guy was a great prophet of God.  God worked through him mightily.  God had just moved through him to show the people of Israel that is the the one true God (read the incredible story).  He also had prayed to God for rain in the midst of famine and it rained when it had not rained in three years.  After these great things, a WOMAN, Jezebel, put him on her hit list.  She was angry because Elijah had killed her god’s prophets (450 of them).  Elijah ran.  He ran for his life.   He found himself not trusting that God could protect him from Jezebel even after all the great works that God had just performed.  Hmmm.  Sound familiar?  Then, Elijah starts having a pity party that only he attended.  God was not impressed.  God asked him what he was doing.  Like He didn’t already know.  Elijah ran far away but God met him where he was and ministered to him.  

Can you just stop running.  Take a break.  Like God asked Elijah, ask yourself what are you doing here.  You see, know matter what your problem is, God is bigger.  Bring it to Him.  He is there with open arms.  Deal with your mess and let God heal you from the inside out.  When we take it it Him, Holy Spirit starts to work in us and can bring total healing, total restoration, total freedom.  Running away is not productive but running toward brings great victory. Paul spoke of running toward the prize.  God has set a course before us and will give great reward to those who stay on course keeping their eyes on Jesus.  Sometimes it isn’t easy in this world full of distractions but we have to stay on our face before Him and stay in His Word, set our hand to the plow and march forward.  

Help us LORD, JESUS to not be afraid and to stop running away and start running toward You.  We put our faith and trust in YOU for You are help and our shield.  We ask You to help us face our Giants and bring healing into our lives.  In JESUS’ name!