Like a Child

Kids are great aren’t they? Have you ever thought about the simplicity of children? It really is amazing.

They come into the world completely dependent on us, their parents. They are incapable of doing anything for themselves so they rely solely on those who are caring for them. As they grow, they are acutely aware of what they are and are not capable of doing and quickly ask for assistance.

Kids are very trusting. It is their very nature. They have this sense about them and they know they can trust us with everything. They truly believe what you are saying is true and do not question one word. It is a little scary isn’t it? Knowing that they hang on our every word? Good or bad?

Humility comes easy for children. They are not puffed up with pride. They are very meek or submissive. It is really astounding how natural this trait is in them.

Kids are content with the simplest of things, aren’t they? They could have room full of toys and choose to play with a cardboard box or pots and pans. It really doesn’t take much to please them.
Children have this innocence about them. So untainted by the world. So free from ideologies. Virtuous really.

Loving….Kids are so loving. They hug you so tight. They love without strings. They very quickly receive our love.

With these qualities in mind, let us visit Luke 18:17. Jesus tells us that those that do not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter into it! Adults complicate things. We analyze and we want to be shown! The gospel message of Jesus Christ is made simple for us! You see, Jesus made the way to enter the kingdom of God. He paid for our ticket with His blood. How do we get there?

LIKE A CHILD, we simply BELIEVE in who He is. We freely RECEIVE His forgiveness as we confess our sin. We fully TRUST in the power of the cross, His death and resurrection. We receive His LOVE and rest in His peace. We become solely DEPENDENT on Him.

Lord, help us to come to you like a child with faith that moves mountains, with a belief so big that it leaves no room for doubt, with a trust so strong that it cannot be broken and a dependency on You that leaves us resting in Your arms.



Ever feel like you were dry and empty…in a drought or famine of sorts?  Like your life is just barren because of circumstances.  You feel like God isn’t speaking or isn’t there at all.  We can see from scripture that this is not the case.


I have been studying Elijah in I Kings 17.  Elijah gives the Word of the Lord to Ahab King of Israel that it would not rain again until he said so.  Wow, that is a huge, bold statement.  Even though this was a judgement brought against Ahab and the land of Israel, it was sure to affect Elijah’s life as well.  When judgement comes, it many times affects not only those who deserve it but also those who do not.  Your sin affects your life and the lives of those around you.  So, what is Elijah to do?  God most certainly had a plan.  You see, God will always provide for those who are His own.  God told Elijah exactly what to do.  He was to go to this brook and God would sustain him there through a bird.  Elijah was not only getting provision from God but he was really hiding out as well.  He was pretty much on King  Ahab and Jezebel’s hate list.  I am sure that Elijah was lonely because he was isolated.  I am sure as the days went on with no rain, he saw the brook drying up more and more every day.  I am sure he sought God asking Him what was next.  God did not speak until the brook dried up and there was no more hope in that current place.  The end of the rope.  


Have you ever been there?  I sure have. BUT GOD then speaks and tells him to go to Zarephath where He has commanded a widow women to make provision for him.  Cool right?  Elijah arrives and finds this widow.  She is poor, dirt poor.  Did God get it wrong?  She was basically out of food.  How was she to provide?  I love how God uses the unlikely to bring glory to His name.  The woman is obedient to Elijah’s request to make him a cake first and then God does the miraculous for that woman, her son and Elijah, the man of God.  Her flour and oil never run out until the famine ended.  That is crazy.  You see, God spoke judgement but He was faithful to provide for his child, Elijah.  


Even in the midst of a drought, a famine, a place where it feels like HE is not even around, He is there.  He will make a way when there is absolutely no way if you are His child.   Most times He doesn’t speak until we think it is too late.  BUT HIS timing is perfect.  Our part is to trust, to listen and to obey whatever He speaks.  And the biggest thing is to be patient until He does.  Oh, that is hard and trusting is hard because WE want control.  If you find yourself in this place of emptiness, keep seeking, keep knocking until He opens that door.  GOD is for His children friends.  
Be blessed and be victorious through JESUS CHRIST!