I Am


Do you believe in God?  Do you believe in any higher being?  Some of us believe, some don’t. Do you believe the Bible is true?  Is it historical facts? Do you believe in gravity? How does that relate?  Well, we can’t see gravity, yet we feel it’s effects. It is a law that cannot be denied.  The Bible is proven to be historically factual. So then that would make the God of the Bible to be existent.

Whether or not we believe in gravity, it does exist.  Whether or not we believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, it does not change who they are.  

In reading the book of John in the Bible, I see Jesus making declarations of who He is and what He came to do.  He says: I am the bread of life; I AM the living bread; I AM the light of the world; before Abraham, I AM; I AM the door of the sheep; I AM the good shepherd; I AM the Son of a God; I AM the resurrection and the life; I AM the way, the truth and the life;  I AM the true vine. We can believe what we want to believe. We can say what we want to say. It doesn’t change who He is.

He came into the world from God the Father.  He came doing the works of the Father. He came to be in the world but He wasn’t of it.  He came revealing truth. He came to show us the Father. He came to lay down His life. He came to raise His life up again.  He came to be a ransom for any man who would believe. He went to the Father so that where He is, we can one day go.

You can say and believe what you want but He is the only way to the Father.  The only way to heaven. He is the door. He came to be our sacrifice for our sin, once and for all. He lived, He died, and He rose again so that we can have life eternal with Him. He did it all for us!  Our part is believing in Him, accepting His forgiveness as we confess our sin, and turning away from that sin to follow after Him.

We will all stand before Him one day.  Those who have received Him will be with a Him in Heaven.  Those who reject Him will be cast into outer darkness forever.  What do you choose today? What will you do with Him?

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