Life’s a Journey


journeyFrom the day we are born, we set out on the journey of life, our life.  Let’s take a look at some life journeys from the bible and see what journeys may look like.  

  • Abraham, in Genesis 11:27-12:5 was sent out by God, away from his family, to a place not specified.  Wow!  God only told him to go to the place He would show him and promised that he, in turn, would be blessed and that God would make a great nation from him and make his name great.  What faith Abraham showed in stepping out in obedience without a known end.  And because of his obedience, He was truly blessed in every way that God had promised.  Has God called you to step out to the unknown?  If He is, know this, His promises will be fulfilled through your obedience to Him.
  • Joseph….Genesis 37.  What a character Joseph was.  He was a spoiled brat.  He appears to be braggadocious.  He was hated by his brothers because he was the fave of their father.  He had dreams given by God of the future.  He shared these dreams with his brothers which made them more angry because these dreams were about Joseph’s brothers and father bowing down before him.  Long story short:  Joseph was sold into slavey to the Ishmaelites.  Hmmm.  Doesn’t seem like Joseph is choosing his own path here.  It seems that his fate is being chosen by his haters.  His trouble doesn’t end there either.  God gave him favor wherever he went but trouble also came along.  He was wrongly accused of attempted rape and thrown in prison.  Another path Joseph didn’t choose for himself.  But God used all these bad things that happened for Joseph’s good.  God gave him favor even in prison and before it was all said and done, he was second in command in Egypt.  Ever feel like your life was guided by someone who hurt you?  By something that happened that you didn’t choose?  Read Joseph’s story.  God brought him through his adversity and made his life shine.  What a minister he was to thousands of people by the wisdom God gave him.  
  • Joshua and the Israelites…Joshua 1.  What a story that unfolds here.  Let’s look at the beginning of Joshua’s journey here after Moses had passed away.  First off, God gives Joshua encouragement.  Moses had been their leader for so long and now he was dead.  Joshua, I am sure, felt lost and unsure of the future.  God gave specific instructions to Joshua and the children of Israel.  They were to make provisions ready and get ready to move out.  They were to begin their journey in taking the land that God had promised them.  They knew what they were supposed to do and they stepped out in obedience.  God brought victory for them.  Maybe you have been given specific instructions by God to accomplish a task for Him.  This too takes faith to step out and follow Him.  BUT if you push through, follow through with His plan you will be victorious in your mission!
  • Isaiah….Isaiah 6.   We see here that Isaiah had been distracted some what from God by people and his surroundings.  He was given a vision in this chapter of God high and lifted up on his throne.  What a humbling experience!  We find Isaiah repenting and the angel coming and ministering to him.  Then we hear God calling out for someone to go to His people and deliver a message to them.  Isaiah answers the call.  God gave him specific words to say and then tells him that even in his obedience he would face opposition and the end would not be favorable.  Oh my.  That must have been hard.  Isaiah went forward in obedience anyway.  Is God calling you to go out, to deliver a message, or something similar but you know that it will not be an easy task or received well?  The thing is, we have to be obedient no matter what the end to have our heart pure before the Father.  This is no easy task but, according to His Word, His grace is sufficient for us and His strength is made perfect in our weakness.  We are all commissioned to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around us.  Sometimes, it isn’t received well and is rejected but at least they have hear the truth, at least they now know.  


Is your journey looking like any of these?  It more than likely is.  Know this, He who has promised is faithful and He will guide you and lead you, strengthen you and encourage you.   You are not alone.  
What is in your suitcase for this journey?  Don’t pack your bags full of fear, doubt, past mistakes, worry, sin that you can’t let go of, or grief (to name a few).  All we need in our bags is FAITH AND TRUST.  Proverbs 3:5 says to Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  Acknowledge him in all your ways and He will direct your path!  It is a promise!  Now, let’s get moving.

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