Did you know that there is war going on inside of you?  See, we were born into sin.  That means that our nature as human beings is sinful, it is selfish, it is deceptive so say the least.  We do not have to teach our kids to lie or to think that everything is theirs and no one else needs to be playing with their stuff.  It is the nature of human beings.  Once we come to Christ and repent and turn from those wicked ways, we have a new nature that is given us by His blood that cleanses us and the power of Holy Spirit.  This new nature, our spirit man, goes against all the natural desires that are within us.  Paul talks about this war extensively in a lot of his writings but in Romans 7 he talks about this war inside of him.  He said the thing he wants to do, he can’t do.  The thing he doesn’t want to do, that is the thing he does.  He called himself a wretched man because of this.  The struggle is real in all of our lives.  What saves us from this?  JESUS and the power of Holy Spirit.  We are not good at all within ourselves, but through the power of HIS blood and Holy Spirit, we conquer sin and start bearing good fruit.  What fruit is it?  According to Galatians 5 it is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control.  What is the basis for this good fruit?  LOVE.  God is love.  The more we, as followers of Jesus, realize how much He loves us (this comes by being in the WORD and spending time in prayer), the more we love HIM.  The more we love HIM, the more we come to love others and want to be obedient to the guidance of Holy Spirit.  Don’t give up the fight.  We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus (Romans 8:37).

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